Yep. 2024 is here. The joyous time of year when we all promise to become better versions of ourselves – or at least attempt to! Alright ya’ll, I see the virtual eye rolls…but seriously, everyone reading this has at least a mental list of how they want 2024 to be better than 2023. To be honest, I have not finished my 2023 list. I will just leave my progress on New Year’s resolutions with a one year look back J. I am pretty sure my 2022 list could look like my 2024 list.  However, I have decided to be totally transparent and added to it. Yep, yep, have decided to go public with my version of what most people think about privately, and heaven forbid gossip about among co-workers and friends. Folks, what I am talking about is the list we create for someone else.  We could be better versions of ourselves, and of course better pilots, if only Joe or Jane would just do X.  

This list will of course cause more eye rolls, but hey, I am just going to say what a lot of are thinking.  Of course, you won’t know which goals are my own or ones that I have for someone else, or organization (like the FAA!)   As most of you know who have met me, I have the attention span of a five-year-old on a sugar high. So, getting a succinct and structured list from me, well, is not likely and I would not want to take the joy away from ya’ll deciding which resolutions are meant for me or someone else.   

Here we go! 

  1. More training: If you’re a pilot and an engineer, which I am, learning is a non-stop journey. I would like to learn speed reading and have immediate memory retention and recall speeding up the UIIC maturity curve. Oh wait, I must take what I learn and fly! Seriously, completing all the USI courses and get a CFI this year…. on it! 
  2. Invent a ‘Drone Selfie Stick’ for Epic Mid-Air Selfies: Resolution: This year, I’m putting my engineering skills to the test and creating the ultimate ‘Drone Selfie Stick.’ Imagine capturing epic mid-air selfies with the confidence that my drone won’t photobomb me by crashing into a tree. Hmmm…. wonder if the same algorithm could be used for obstacle avoidance? 
  3. Create an ‘Underground Cable Mystery Tour’: Resolution: For a bit of mystery and intrigue, I’ll organize an ‘Underground Cable Mystery Tour.’ Watch as my drone embarks on an adventurous journey to uncover the secrets of buried cables and maybe the bodies buried with them.  Sherlock Holmes would be proud.
  4. Master the Jedi Mind Trick for Clearer Wi-Fi Signals: Resolution: This year, I’m delving into the mystical arts to master the Jedi Mind Trick – not on people, but on Wi-Fi signals. May the Force be with me as I convince every connection to stay strong and stable during crucial flight moments. I practically need to implement and follow the RF 10 commandments.   I will post a blog on this later because if you fly, radios matter!  
  5. Create a ‘Drone Film and Drone Show Festival’ with Oscar-Worthy Aerial Cinematography and Choreography: Resolution: Lights, camera, launch, action! I would like to organize the first-ever ‘Drone Film Festival and Drone Show Competition’ to showcase the cinematic and automated visual masterpieces created by my aerial companions. Get ready for Oscar-worthy footage that would make even Hollywood directors take notice. Maybe UIIC would include this in their get together!  
  6. Establish ‘Drone Meditation Zones’ for Stressed-Out UAVs: Resolution: Recognizing that drones can experience stress too; the FAA should establish ‘Drone Meditation Zones’ at key points in the airspace. Serenity now, little drones, serenity now. Of course, a TFR would be created for this space. Please check your NOTAMs in the future for this restricted airspace. A gentle reminder for all of us that fly, NOTAMs need to be checked!
  7. Attend ‘Communication Bootcamp’ for Fluent Emoji Usage: Resolution: Communication is key, so I’m enrolling in a ‘Communication Bootcamp’ to become fluent in the language of emojis. Get ready for texts and emails that are more expressive than a Shakespearean soliloquy – all with tiny, animated icons. This could be crated with Generative AI! 💣 🐚 💡 😁 
  8. This could be the year! Yep, yep could be. The year I am back to rebuilding or building airplanes. As an A&P certificate holder I used to rebuild a plane at least every couple of years…. then my son shared with me, gee dad, if you still had all the cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, and boats you have owned and rebuilt over your lifetime, you would have a cool museum!! Hmmm…he is still getting his oil changed at Jiffy Lube after that I tell you, but time to move on. I need to grow up and get back to work. 

How about sharing a few of your New Years resolutions? We promise not to keep track when next year comes around!

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